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     SHOWS 2020

18 January at La Residencia (Valencia, Spain)

     SHOWS 2019

12 January Kanya Extrem Fest at American Lake Músic (Gavá, Spain)

07 September at Sala X (Sevilla, Spain)

21 September at Sala Groove (Portugalete, Spain)

18 October at Sala Utopía (Zaragoza, Spain)

19 October at Sala Barracudas (Madrid, Spain)

05 December at Sala Paberse Club (Valencia, Spain)

SHOWS 2018



20 January Dark Sessions/1st Edition at Quantic Club (Bucharest, Romania)

21 January  November's Doom Days Festival at Live & Loud (Sofia, Bulgaria)

21 July at Paberse Rock Club (Valencia, Spain)

20 September at Le Klub (Paris, France)

22 September Doom Heart Fest 2 at The One Metal Live (Milan, Italy)

06 October From Dusk Till Doom (Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, Belgium)

SHOWS 2017



11 October at Garaje Beat Club (Murcia, Spain)

18 November at Paberse Rock Club (Valencia, Spain)